Try out the demo of HyperJump's first arcade game. Climb the ranks by dodging and shooting your way through the Asteroid Armada. Connect your wallet for a chance to enter future contests.
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Gamify Defi

HyperJump is a DeFi protocol with a fun token ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain and Fantom. The ecosystem is built around NFTs, gaming, and tokenomics that will benefit the end user.

Launch dApps




HyperBurn (HYPR)

A deflationary token with a burn on every transaction after buying. The burn rate is based on a curve against the price of BNB. The highest rate is 33% and the lowest rate is 0.5%. The "burn" is divided into three portions:

50% distributed to holder wallets

25% burned out of total supply forever

25% distributed to burn vault for development

HyperAlloy (ALLOY)

Our reward token for The Asteroid Field yield farm on BSC. It can also be converted to MECHS in The Mech workshop to earn partner tokens as well as more ALLOY.

Emission: 3.14 per block

Bought back and burned by 0.1% of AMM fees

Bought back and burned by yield farm deposit fee

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